To Eris

Eris, Goddess of Strife by VP-Manips

Subtle Twin, whose hand stirs
the cauldron of space,
twinkling chaos in grace:
unlock the closets, unrust
neglected doors, unseal
and spill what we may clean.
When Shame and Conflict
drop in with armfuls of beer,
let us laugh at predictable
outbursts, thoughts kneading
problems into dried-out clay
while the body screams
its longing to smash
through the hard crust
formed around the heart.
With silence filling the temple
at the center, may our minds
abandon certitude for joy,
finding solace in You,
God Who Shakes the Snow-Globe,
Monster Beneath Each Bed,
Goddess Who Is Left Off Every Invitation,
Joke That Breaks the Peace,
Blunderer Into the Wrong Conversation,
Missent Email,
Whisperer Of The Wrong Name at the Wrong Time,
Most Holy Malapropism,
Deleted Text Message,
Forgotten Person on My Friendslist Who Posts Embarrassing Comments,
Roaring Fart During Solemn Proceedings,
Innocent Question That Reveals What No One Wants to Address,
Lie Accidentally Named.
May every sickening secret
soak in Your antibiotic light.
Save us not from lost integrity,
but as we stumble, help us
lift in pride of self-acceptance
unembarrassed honesty,
admitting every crack and slip.