Every goodbye is a hello. Each exhalation makes space for the next inhalation. The river moves, currents pulling forward, each molecule of water greeting the instantaneous confluence of light, space, earth, time, and passing into the next.

Sometimes we feel stuck in time. Things that have occurred to us in the past, hurts that continue to hurt, joys that seem forever lost except for our floundering attempts to keep hold. Projects that accumulate because we cannot finish them and we cannot let them go. Empty space that remains empty. Desire left unspoken from the fear that if it’s gained, it will be lost.

Every hello is a goodbye. The earth’s turn toward darkness and away from the sun. Pulling away the curtain of light to expose the stars, first one, then a hundred, then thousands if we’re lucky enough to live in clear darkness. Without emptiness, we have no room for something new.

We can pause long enough to linger in the pain that honors connection. We can offer gratitude to all that has arisen and passed away in our lives. We can feel stuck, grouchy, and depressed because we know change is coming. We can stand and decide for ourselves to shape the change that occurs. We can long for a place of rest and keep walking. We can let go of what is no longer working. We can start something new.

Hello to every breath, goodbye to every breath. This moment is sacred.