All that passes…

The wheel continues to turn.

from John Lydgate’s Troy Book and Siege of Thebes

In times of success, there looms already the presence of failure. Times of misery are limned with bliss. The longest night of the year is the gateway for the return of light.

Sometimes our strength is too fragile, and needs time to rest and become strong enough to overcome our weakness. Sometimes our weakness is exactly what is needed to stop our strength from becoming tyrannical.

If you are in misery, call to that part of yourself that remembers joy, that can envision a time when things are better. Let that enter your body, fill you with its sense of being. If you cannot fathom such a part, then send out your wish to know it.

If you are in joy, remember that part of you that suffers, that feels outcast, that feels hurt or exiled, and send it some love. Imagine that time is a circle and you can reach across the expanse to bless that which needs blessing.

All of this will pass and return and pass again. Within us is the center around which all things turn, that emptiness upon which the wheel depends. If you can, breathe into that stillness, that emptiness, and let it expand. The wheel continues to turn around you, within you, and you are there.

From this place of presence, call upon those extremes within you, all your love and hate, your joys and woundedness. Gather the reins, and choose who you will be today.

This will be my last post of 2014. Thank you to everyone who has read and shared my work and let me know how it has affected you.