I work in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. I want to help you create a life of depth, meaning, and gratitude.

What I Do

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I can support you with:

  • Empowering and liberating yourself from depression, anxiety, trauma, and shame.
  • Decreasing stress and increasing creative engagement in life.
  • Cultivating resilience, integrity, and healthy boundaries in personal and professional work.
  • Addressing issues of spiritual wounding and growth.
  • Developing intimacy, mutual friendship, and partnership in your relationships.

Working With Me

If you have come to this page, you probably have faced feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or deeply distressed. You’ve likely tried a lot of things to make your life better and yet find yourself mired in unwanted patterns. I understand that starting therapy might feel scary or daunting, or parts of you simply aren’t sure it will help and feel reluctant to invest the time, hope, and money.

I am willing to work to earn your trust and confidence if you are willing to show up as you are. I believe that your life is necessary and has value. I will support you in transforming painful patterns to support your meaningful presence and work in this world.

I am strongly informed by Internal Family Systems (IFS), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Focusing, and Jungian depth psychotherapy. I believe you have everything you need to heal and live the life you desire already within you. My job is to help you access those resources within yourself and bring transformation into your life. Here is a deeper description of my approach to therapy.

Contact Me

For a consultation, you may contact me via email or call (206) 719-9339Here is more information on payment and scheduling.

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