Odes to Time

To Linear Time

Blessings on you, highway
between birth and death
upon which experience
can flower and wither.
Finite currency, ever-depleting
account, the hoarding
of which bankrupts,
the wise spending
of which enriches.
Through you we receive
the gifts of variety,
multiplicity of sensation,
feeling and thought,
the complex textures
of Being offered to life.

Through you we learn
the powers of ending,
discernment, and priority,
savoring what already
is becoming lost.

Neheh and Djet, sometimes translated as “Time” and “Eternity”

To Cyclical Time

Praise to you, spiral galaxy
interlocking orbits
recurrence of season
and history reminding
us nothing is complete,
only refreshing its form.
Through you forgotten
lessons are relearned:
the old births the new,
the new restores the old.
Depth of meaning,
unfathomable purpose
rotating and shifting,
unfolding patterns
informing the cosmos.
Our eyes constellate
disparate stars, touching
every consciousness
that perceived a shape.
Each moment contains
eternal expanse.