falling in love with the world

Let your breathing bring you gently into your body. Let your breath become a little slower, a little deeper. With every inhale, allow your belly to fill until the breath rises into your chest. With every exhale, allow your breath to slow and complete itself.

With every breath, notice your senses. Notice what you are seeing, or notice the texture of darkness and light behind your eyelids. Let your focus soften to simply receive what is present. If you are reading this text, take in the guidance and spend a few breaths with your senses before moving to the next.

With every breath, notice your senses. Notice the feeling of contact between your skin and the air, your skin and your clothes, your skin and the pressure of what supports your body or feet.

With every breath, notice your senses. Notice any scents in the air, or simply the feeling of air moving in and out of your nostrils.

With every breath, notice your senses. Notice the sounds of the environment. Some may be pleasing, some may be discordant. Notice any urge to focus on a pleasing sound, or silence, and notice any urge to push away or ignore sounds. If you can, let your breath open these urgings to simply allow sound to arise and fall away.

Shift you awareness to your heart, or imagine that you can sense your heart. With every inhalation, breathe in what you sense or what constricts you. With every exhalation, imagine the threads that connect. Breathe into what is within you, and exhale into what surrounds you. We are separate and interconnected. You are here and alive.