Sexuality and Gender-Based Services

Photo by Karina Carvalho at Unsplash

Transgender/Gender-Affirming Care

I provide ongoing therapeutic support for trans people at every level of transition.

If you are questioning your gender identity or considering transition, I will work with you to explore the meaning of gender and sex in your life and experience; consider the possibilities of gender identities and presentations as you seek one that matches your evolving self; and explore what options or strategies would best help you to feel most like yourself. These options or strategies may include medically assisted gender transition (hormone therapy, surgical interventions) and/or social transition (coming out as your gender, informing coworkers, friends, and family about your gender, changing your presentation to match your gender).

If you already know your gender, I will respect your identity and support you in gaining or maintaining the supports you need.

If you are pursuing a surgical intervention and need a secondary letter from a mental health specialist, I am available and willing to schedule a psychosocial assessment to write that letter of support. Even if I am not taking on new clients, please contact me as I may have openings for assessments. Before contacting me, confirm if you need an assessment from a doctoral level practitioner, as I am only a Master’s level. We will meet for an hour to engage in the assessment, and if for any reason I do not feel I can write that letter of support, you will not be charged for the session.


I am a Sexual Minority Specialist in King County, Washington, and I am available to provide consultations for clinicians at my rate of $130 per hour (prorated based on length of time).